Frequency Drift: “Electricity” taken from “Letters to Maro” out 13 April 18!

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  1. Congratulations for your work, another great band, from Germany, all over the world very good music, I like the sound in a previous album where the violin sounds like electric guitar, very good ideas, even that I don´g speak german I prefer, personally, in not English groups, the use of the mother´s language, like Novalis or Tramhaus, your work is great!!! We really appreciate it, we have a friend and I a radio program at Radio Universidad de Aguascalaientes, in the very center of Mexico, we have broadcast almost all your music, like Sylvan or RPWL, your vocals in English, but it is ok, I think for example the German language only (almost German people) that makes a little difference. A lot of different girls singing with you!!! and some changes on guitars, for example,…..why???? I´m going to study “Letters to Maro” to enjoy and to know, you know tha approach that is a typical approach in Prog music, listen again and again until you discover the content…..could you tell me the concept and your spirit in that album please, musically I do you feell now, growing, I guess that you´ve written a page in World´s Prog , Congratulations!!! and keep on giving us your inspiration!!! Cordially, Fernando Lopez C. The program is “Dimension Otica” and our page in Face too. Many Thanks.

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